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Dear Fellow Citizens
The North Central Zone Cultural Center (NCZCC) is an autonomous body under the Union Ministry of Culture devoted towards the Preservation, Promotion, Dissemination and Documentation of Indian Arts and Culture, primarily folk and tribal. The canvas of our activities is large and encompasses all facets of our culture from songs and dances to painting, handicrafts, sculpture and literature. We, at the NCZCC work very hard to ensure that our culture is preserved in its entirety and reaches the common man of India who really needs to be exposed to its full richness and magnificence.
I took charge as Director NCZCC on the 6th of April, 2013. Slightly more than 13 months have elapsed since then. The journey of these 13 months has been one of discovery, learning, planning, teamwork and achievement.  In the last financial year (2013-14), we were able to substantially increase the number of programmes as well as the quality of programmes organized by the NCZCC. The result was that we were able to benefit 54% more artists when compared to Financial Year 2012-13. The auditorium of the NCZCC and its Art Gallery are arguably the best facilities of their kind in Allahabad. The Air Conditioning of the Auditorium was set right and the Art Gallery renovated. The result was a whopping 274% improvement in the utilization (booking) of the Art Gallery and 97% improvement in the utilization (booking) of the Auditorium. The self-generated income of the NCZCC went up by 13% despite no increase in the rent of any of the facilities of the NCZCC and a decrease in the allotment fees of the stalls in the annual ‘Rashtriya Shilp Mela’. The Shilp Mela itself broke all records in terms of foot fall and sale of the wares of the artisans who had put up stalls of their wares with a ticket sale of 67059 in ten days and a sale of 1.7 crores in the same period. Compared to the F.Y. 2012-13, this was an increase of 331% in the sale of the artisans! Not surprisingly, the artisans went smiling from our campus when the Shilp Mela was over and their smiles left a warm and happy feeling in our hearts, knowing that we had been able to make a positive contribution to improving their quality of life. For the first time we went on the social media platform and our Facebook page received more than 6000 likes in the ten days of the Shilp Mela. 
In short, the Financial Year 2013-14 was one of achievements and accolades. We were both elated and humbled by the appreciations received from all quarters. However, the most  heart-warming was an appreciation received from a ‘Common Man’ in the form of a letter that he wrote after witnessing our programme ‘Chalo Man Ganga Yamuna Teer’ in ‘Magh Mela’ which is an annual even organized on the banks of the river Ganges in Allahabad and attracts lakhs of pilgrims from all parts of the country. That and the other appreciation letter told us that we were on the right track and also inspired us to continuously improve our performance.
The current Financial Year (2014-15) is one month old, and has already witnessed considerable action. We participated in a big way in the ‘Voter Awareness  Campaign’ in and around Allahabad and Kaushambhi  Districts and our efforts in this direction were lauded by the observers and the media alike. In the super-hot months of May and June, we have successfully replaced the old and ramshackle roof of the Auditorium and are now in the process of improving the green rooms, and the overall upkeep of the Auditorium.  We have also restarted the ‘Maasik Natya Yojana’ and are witnessing a very good audience response.
In the personal capacity, as Director NCZCC, I am constantly striving to ensure quality in all the activities of the NCZCC, form programming to infrastructure maintenance to attitude of staff towards the esteemed visitors to our programme and campus.  I hope and wish that you will continue to lend your valuable support to our efforts.

Yours Sincerely
Gaurav Krishna Bansal
Director NCZCC, Allahabad

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